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done by Dan at Tried and True Tattoo in Atlanta, GA
couldn’t be happier with it.

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I want

A girl who will rock my socks off. A girl who can make me laugh hysterically when I’m feeling down, but also wipe the tears from my face when things get crazy in life. A girl who will let me take photos of her just because and will also take cute photos with me, because she’ll want to be cute like that. I want a girl who will kiss me down my spine. Who will hold my jaw with her palm when she kisses me and make me forget what I’m going to say. I want a girl who will tell me she loves me when she feels it, tell me exactly how she feels. I want a girl who will be spontaneous with me but also buy me flowers. A girl who will go see the giraffes with me at the zoo, who will hold my hand in public and just smile at the people who stare.

I want a girl who will love every inch of me, remind me that I’m more than enough. Who will fall head over heels because she can’t get enough. I want a girl who will fuck me until the sun comes up, but also make love to me gently. I want passion and desire. But loyalty and honesty.

I want a girl who will build a house inside my heart. A girl who’s two arms I can always call home.

I can dream, right?


Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos

I can be cute sometimes 🙈

This movieeee