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Ugh I wish




moonrise by cha. on Flickr.


Yutha Yamanaka



Lilya 4-Ever directed by Lukas Moodysson (2002) 

such a good film

Anonymous asked:
But I mean, it's not even anon hate. They are just curious or asking something. Anon hate is like them telling you to kill yourself or that your worthless or something like that. The anons you get are not hate, so don't be rude to them. It's not nice nor good, just try to be respectful for once. Bring a bitch is honestly really unattractive.

Lol honestly I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I’m not rude to anyone who is curious about me. I’m not a bitch. And I know that.

I like to photograph things that are bigger than me.


The Story So Far | Bad Luck.